Maker Party @ Kanpur – Event Report

Maker Party(Teach the web) – Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

School Name: Guru Har Rai Academy

Date: 28th July Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Brief Summary: The first part of the workshop was a talk about Web Literacy, FOSS, Mozilla and our mission and products.  Second part of the session was on Webmaker, Webmaker tools and Hands-on session on X-ray goggles and Appmaker. Total strength of 100 students and result of the event was there were 45-50 makes by the students.

-= Audience and size =-

I was told there were close to 350 students who had signed up for the event, consisting of mostly computer students. Overall, they seemed to have good knowledge in computer science as a subject and were interested in knowing about open source and building things for the web. Due to the demise of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam the school was closed. Since the students were so interested to learn that we agreed to do the Maker Party on the same day it was decided. There were approximately 100 students who came in spite of being an off on that day.

-= Our participation =-

Among the 3 presentations, we gave one presentation each. I was first out talking about Web Literacy, FOSS, Introduction to Mozilla, Mozilla Products, Intro to Webmaker tools. Priyank then spoke about Appmaker and how can you make your own App without any technical knowledge. After I and Priyank, Ashish started with another webmaker tool X-Ray Goggles and how you can remix the website using X-Ray Goggles.

-= Audience reactions =-

My goal was mainly to make people aware about Web Literacy, Mozilla, Mozilla’s mission and Webmaker tools and get them interested in learning more. From the feedback what we receive, it seems like it went Awesome. I hope it made them realize how they can  utilize their already existing skills to build Web Apps.

After seeing the makes by the students we all were Amazed. It was such a lovely response from them. They were not getting from their seats since they wanted to make more.


-= After event =-

After the maker party I kept the session with the teachers where I spoke about Webmaker Club and asked them to start one Webmaker school club so that the zeal of the students remain as it is and they learn more and more. Since, it was not possible to cover everything in 4-5hrs. And guess what the school authority agreed.


-= Organization =-

To my knowledge, this was the first ever maker party at Kanpur, and I think it all worked well. Everything was in place, and we just showed up and did what we are supposed to do.

-= Overall feel =-

Excellent! I have got infinite facebook pings from the students demanding more such Mozilla sessions in school soon! It was a great feeling to see their enthusiasm. You feel good about your work only when you achieve your result, but in this case, the achievement was way more than I had expected.


Event Blog:

Event Blog:


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An Overwhelming Moment!!!

Maker Party @ Guru Har Rai Academy


One month three events! Isn’t that amazing? Loving the flavor of Public speaking and Evangelism. Travelling, interactions and the feeling of being able to enlighten someone with the little knowledge I have. This time it was Kanpur that I got a chance of visiting. A student of the Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bangalore had contacted Chandan Baba(a Mozilla Rep) for hosting a Mozilla event in his school(GHA). After a lot of confusion the event came to where it belonged. Shahidji cleared the confusion and I got a chance to be a facilitator.Without missing this opportunity I went ahead knowing the fact there was a only a week’s time in conducting this event. We kept a quick hangout call and then later met with the discussion points. And then the day arrive!

At Kanpur Station
At Kanpur Station

I still remember what a warm welcome it was! It was 28th of July. We reached Kanpur at 8 a.m. Aamir received us at the station and took us to Guru Har Rai Academy where we had to do the maker party. It was around 8:30 by the time we reached school. We met the Principal and the founder of the school. The session was suppose to begin at 10 a.m and we had some time to refresh. We all were hungry since we left at 5:30 a.m in the morning. School staff was so awesome they had arranged breakfast for us. After the breakfast we arranged everything and started the session without any delay. The session started sharp at 9:45 a.m.


We began the session by keeping a 2 mins silence for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. We started the session on his name. I started with an ice breaking session by asking their name and why are we here? I began the session by telling them about Web Literacy and asking the school staff what changes have they seen in last 25yrs. I spoke about web literacy reason being that Shahidji had taken a wonderful session on web literacy with us at Allahabad. I got inspired and thought to share this with everyone. After web literacy i spoke about FOSS. The session was very interactive and before I spoke about the topic the students where answering what they understand. After talking about Mozilla, Mozilla’s Mission, Products. I took a surprise quiz to check their understanding on the topics. We kept them motivated to be interactive throughout the session by giving them Mozilla swags.

After the following topics we started with the Webmaker and Webmaker tools. Priyank took the stage and started to teach them about Appmaker. Students were quite excited to learn about App making. Priyank called the kids one by one and showed them how to use appmaker and create your own application.


Now it was time for Ashish to show them some remixing on the websites using X-Ray Goggles. Ashish started the session by showing them the stats/traffic on the internet. The most interesting part was when the kids were amazed to see their school website getting remixed. Ashish changed the entire look of their school website to Mozilla Uttar Pradesh website. Due to the weak internet connection students couldn’t remix the website but curiously learnt it.


After the demo we kept an activity for an hour for the students to create something of their own from the two tools we spoke about. I was amzed to see kids rushing to the computer lab. Since the school had no WiFi students had got their own dongles. Seeing the enthusiasm among the kids I was truly overwhelmed. It was a speechless moment to see Students busy with the activity.

Our first and foremost agenda was to teach them about web literacy. We kept the session interactive and very open ended. Agenda for the event was:

Web Literacy
Introduction to Mozilla
Mozilla Products
Intro to Webmaker tools
Hands-on session on X-ray goggles and Appmaker
With the help and introduction on these topics by me, Priyank and Ashish the crowd did make some great projects by the end of the day. The work was collected in one etherpad and was evaluated by Ashish and Priyank.

Some makes by the Students.

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3 Capture

We ended the day by having the session with school teachers to have a webmaker club in school so that the zeal of the students doesn’t go in vain.We concluded our sessions by giving away some small tokens of appreciation like bands, badges and stickers etc. to all the students to keep them motivated. The webmaker badge was given only to the Winner and we named them as “Webamaker of GHA.”

We were thanked by the school faculty with a Momento to every Mozillian from Uttar Pradesh.

After the event, yesternight i have got infinite facebook pings from the students demanding more such Mozilla sessions in school soon! It was a great feeling to see their enthusiasm. You feel good about your work only when the you achieve your result, but in this case, the achievement was way more than I had expected.Every moment was an experience which is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

A few people who are to be thanked for making this event successful and memorable are:

Shahid Ali Farooqui for mentoring us.

Chandan Baba for coordinating.
Galaxy Kadiyala and Bala Subramaniyan for helping us.
Umesh Agarwal for sending us the swags at last minute.
Ashish and Priyank for a brilliant work in teaching the Students about webmaker tools X-Ray Goggles and Appmaker
Ravindra, Abhishek,Rajat and Jyotsna for clicking pictures and managing the crowd.
Ashish, Priyank, Jyotsna, Abhishek and Ravindra for helping me in hosting the session.
Most importantly, Aamir khan without whom we wouldn’t have been able to move a thing.

Special Thanks to the entire staff and students of GHA for such a warm Welcome.



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Firefox Spring Campaign @ MozUP

A day worth remembering… #Foxyeah @ Lucknowa-01-01

The journey began the day i received the email confirmation to conduct an event in Lucknow. When i read this email i felt immensely happy. First thing i did was to share this happiness with my mentor Shahid Ali Farooqui and with my team. We were excited about our first event. We all started planning from the first day so that we make this event a huge success.This was the most awaiting event of Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Community. We kept a MozCoffee to plan everything in detail.We were waiting for this day since the time we started this community since it was a kick start event in Lucknow. We all were nervous since it was officially our first event. Firefox growth campaign gave us the opportunity to celebrate the success and to spread awareness.We had no experience but we had the determination to do something which can bring a change. A change where anyone is free to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way. We wanted to introduce FOSS in UP along with the celebration and Mozilla gave us this opportunity to spread its mission in Lucknow, U.P. It is rightly said, “Hard work pays off.” The sweat, the time, the devotion it pays off. #FoxYeah was the event which brought a confidence and smile on our face that yes we can do it.



We had numerous ideas so there was a war of ideas and then we stood up for the best idea that how can we make this campaign a success. The agenda of this event is to discuss about the latest features of Firefox 39, introduction to Mozilla and its mission, Android Appmaker demo, and also introduction to the latest campaign from Mozilla, Foxyeah.


With all the planning and juggling of ideas. The BIG day came!!! We all were excited seeing the massive crowd we decided that we have to deliver the best today.


Firefox Growth campaign was held from 11:30 am onwards on Thursday 16th July at Uptec Computer Consultancy Ltd. The event was ‘informative’ – an introduction to Spring Campaign, Mozilla and its mission and latest version of firefox browser. There were 150 attendees. The event was initiated by the UPTEC team. They warmly welcomed us. I open the event with a brief introduction of the entire crowd in Foxyeah style. I spoke about the firefox growth campaign and why are we doing this campaign.I spoke about the mozilla story and its mission. Introduced the Mozilla Uttar Pradesh community and its members.


Then it was followed by a session to introduce the products of mozilla and latest features from Firefox 39 by Abhishek. Ravindra took over to speak about the Contribution areas in Mozilla and how can the audience get involved. Ravindra got nervous and went blank as it was his first time so the crowd cheered him which helped him to gain the confidence.


We ended our session by a quiz and to every correct answer there was a goodie. Swags were distributed to each and everyone. We kept a T-shirt for the person who will summarize the entire session. The audience was extremely fabulous they heard us from starting to end and interacted with us. Throughout the session Rajat and Parvez managed the crowd and distributed swags to everyone.


There was a feedback tree(fox-tree) which we created. People came and appreciated our work. They wanted to learn more and they approached us to be a part of the community. The audience was excited to use the latest version of Firefox. Priyank answered the queries of the students. UPTEC team served us the refreshment soon after the event which was very delighting. We ended our event with a promise to do better


Credits for the super work goes to:

For Props: Ravindra, Ashish, Abhishek

For PPT: Priyank, Ashish, Vnisha

For Craft work: Ashish and Jyotsna

For Banners and swags: Ravindra and Priyank

For Designing: Priyank and Abhishek

Photography: Arunav, Anshuman and Ashish

Volunteers: Arunav Moitra, Anshuman Singh and UPTEC students.



This would have been impossible without the guidance of Shahidji and Santoshji who were constantly helping me in managing everything. A special Thanks to the UPTEC team and students for being so cooperative and helpful. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us.


Event Portal:


Etherpad link:


Hello Folks!!!

The idea for this short meetup was to get started with the Mozilla Lucknow community and to plan future activities and events. Basically, this was an orientation session for all the Mozillians in Lucknow. The Event was self-sponsored and it took place on 25th May at CCD, SRS Mall, Gomtinagar, Lucknow. The main agenda of this event was to plan upcoming events like Maker Party and Kidzilla and to promote Mozilla’s mission.



As per the planning, I, being the initiator did gather at CCD by 04:30 PM. The event was scheduled to begin at 04:30 PM. We began with the event an hour late since, there were few of the students were out of town. Our discussion were basically around Development, Localization, Bugzilla, SUMO,Webmaker and Firefox OS.

Here are the list of FSA’s who where present for MozCafe:

1. Vnisha (Volunteer/Initiator)
2. Jyotsna (FSA, BBD University)
3. Parvez (FSA, BBD University)
4. Rajat (FSA, BBD University)
5. Abhishek (FSA, Amity University)
6 Ravindra (FSA, Amity University)
7 Ashish (FSA, Amity University)
8 Priyank (FSA, Integral University)

Event started by introducing ourselves to Shahid Ali Farooqui. He had a virtual presence over phone. He interacted with all the participants and guided for roadmap of the community for the next three months. Since, the majority of the crowd were the new members of the community we started from the #Mozilla Mission and #Mozilla’s Products. We had many new FSA’s so we started to discuss about the Firefox Student Ambassador Program and the roles and responsibilities of a FSA. I explained about the Mozilla Projects which might interest the new FSAs such as the Army of Awesome, SuMo, Webmaker. I familiarised the FSA’s with the and asked anyone who’s interested in Localisation(SuMo) to register in it and start off.


After Sumo we went to the Webmaker, and discussed about the Thimble, Popcorn, Appmaker and X-Ray Goggles. Ashish spoke about appmaker and how can we use appmaker and develop an app. Jyotsna shared how is it easy to use thimble and Popcorn maker. As a community we decided to have our first event as Kidzilla in the month of July. Abhishek, Parvez and Rajat gave a short explanation on KidZilla. KidZilla is an initiative which aims at educating school children about the basics of Computers, internet and other similar stuff in a fun and interactive manner. This is also mainly concentrated on small schools with lesser facilities. Ravindra took the charge of creating a website for #MozUP. Priyank shared a responsibility to maintain the Moz wiki page for Uttar Pradesh. We also planned to do the #Maker Party in the Month of August.

By the end of the day, everyone had learnt their share of knowledge and ofcourse had shared whatever they knew with the rest and we closed the event by declaring an online training on Localization which would be arranged by Shahid Ali Farooqui who is also mentoring me in developing the Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Community.


Special Thanks to all of you for supporting us in our first event.

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