My journey as a Mozillian

I am a Mozillian


My intro to Mozilla began more than a year ago, I was inspired by tons of volunteers working to protect the Internet. I started getting in touch with people associated with Mozilla. I registered as a Mozillian and also found out that there were already a lot of students registered as FSAs but were inactive due to lack of guidance. Since, then I made it my aim to start a Mozilla community in Uttar Pradesh. I started with a MozCoffee on 25th May, 2015 where I invited all the FSAs and Club Leads of various universities and also people who were interested in joining the Mozilla community. I started the MozCoffee by talking about Mozilla’s mission and goals. Then we discussed the road map for Mozilla Uttar Pradesh for the next three months. This is how the community was started. I followed the method “Teach as you Lead.”

I am a Community Lead


Being the founder of the Mozilla UP, I know the community well. I have experienced all the aspects of community building in a region like Uttar Pradesh. Recruiting people and making them sustainable contributors for Mozilla, building and maintaining the relationship between core contributors, make them feel valuable, empower them by educating and providing the needed resources all are crucial in an open community. Very recently I joined the Reps program, where I have more tools and resources to lead my community and make it one of the top Mozilla communities in India.

I am an Advocate for the open Web


Mozilla is already doing good work that improves public understanding of the Web and promote web literacy. But in my region most of the people don’t know how to read, write and participate on the Web. For them accessing the Internet is expensive. But I want to change that. I want to create an impact where everyone knows how to read, write and participate on the Web. I want to make my local people empowered and connected by using the power of the open Web. This is ultimately what we are aiming at Mozilla UP.
I am a Campaigner


I had run campaigns like FoxYeah, Firefox Download drive etc. Being a peer of the Policy and Advocacy Task Force, I was involved in the Privacy Month Campaign, which was a big success and helped me to achieve my goal as an open Web advocate. The Privacy Month Campaign is a community led initiative to celebrate International Data Privacy Day which ran throughout the January. And in that campaign, the official Twitter handle of Mozilla UP played a crucial role and became the top second community channel based on the Impact report shared by the Social Media Team of Mozilla India.

I am a Women Empowerer


On 11th of October 2015, we the WoMoz of Uttar Pradesh celebrated International Day of the Girl, a day when the world comes together to address the challenges that girls and young women face every day. So we decided to make this day count and went to a shelter home where we got a chance to meet a few adolescent girls. We spent our time to educate them, motivate them, empower them and help them in developing the right set of skills they need.

My plans for 2016 and beyond

I did nothing when comparing the things that I have to do. Even the TRAI recently banned the Free Basics in India, as an Advocate for the open Web, I need to keep fighting for protecting the Web. I need to bring more Women participation into the Mozilla and other open source projects. I need to empower my Uttar Pradesh community and would love to see it as one of the top Mozilla communities in India. I wanted to provide more opportunities to my local people to experience the power of the Web and make them the creators of the Web. Yes, I have a lot of dreams.



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