Digital Marketing and Privacy Campaign

In support of #Privacy Campaign

Amity University, Noida


Amity Firefox Club held its second event on the 9th of February, 2016. The even included the first year student batch of 2019. The event was solely organised by the 2nd year members of Amity Firefox Club. The event was called “Digital Marketing and Privacy Campaign” and was attended by a whopping group of enthusiasts. There were registrations online.The agenda of the event was Privacy Benefits provided by Firefox and digital marketing techniques.


Manmohan Singla, the President briefed the new students about Amity Firefox Club, the benefits of joining Firefox Club, FSA and other activities of the club. There was a presentation and guest lecture given by Mr. Pankaj Prasad, CEO of Glocious Infotech. The presentation was enjoyed by all and then Mr. Prasad had an interactive session with the participants and discussing the benefits of digital marketing.


The students shared their experiences with Firefox and the problems they’re facing with it. Later a presentation was given by 2nd year students on privacy campaign discussing the benefits of firefox in securing privacy and a Q/A session was held.The event was a huge success with the most important part being the senior-junior interaction.


The event was a perfect platform for the freshers to meet the seniors in a carefree environment, without the supervision of any faculty member. This served as an opportunity for them to share their experiences, doubts, questions regarding life in Amity till date.The event was also a significant achievement for the second year students who organised it from scratch.

Registrations for the Event :- 180

Actual attendees :- 150




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