From Mozillian to Mozilla Representative

My Journey 

Six months ago, I started my journey with Mozilla as a Mozillian. I became a Mozillian because I wanted to promote open source culture in my region, Uttar Pradesh. I was attracted to Mozilla because it was one of the best open source community to start with and its mission is what appealed to me the most. I started getting in touch with people associated with Mozilla; for example, FSA’s at various universities. I learnt that there were already a lot of students registered as FSA’s but they were inactive because they lacked a sense of direction. Then on I made it my personal goal to start a Mozilla community in Uttar Pradesh. Since then “building a healthy community” became my only mission.I started with a MozCoffee on 25th May, 2015 where I invited all the FSA’s and club leads of various universities and also people who were interested in joining the Mozilla community. I followed the method “Teach as you Lead.” This is how the community was started.

And now I am very much thrilled to share the amazing news with the entire world, especially with my wonderful community Mozilla Uttar Pradesh. I have joined the Mozilla Reps program. It’s a program to empower and to help push responsibility to the edges in order to help the Mozilla contributor base grow.

And as Reps I have a few goals to achieve in order to spread the awesomeness of Mozilla. In the next 6 months I would like to see myself as a successful Leader and see my community as the top most community. My primary objective is to grow the community and have a lasting impact on the community. While working to improve our communities, leadership is the most important trait. It is the engine that pulls the train. These goals are set by me based on my personal ability and needs of our Mozilla UP community. I will be working with our Mozilla community to achieve them in the coming months.

Building a healthy and committed community

A healthy community provides many different ways in which its members can interact with each other to exchange information about needs and resources, become engaged in the planning and decision-making processes that affect them, and work together to achieve common goals.

Empower the Mozilla UP Community

Being the Community Liason and leader of the Mozilla Uttar Pradesh, I know the community well. I have experienced most of the aspects of community building in a region like Uttar Pradesh.

Recruiting people and making them regular contributors for Mozilla, building and maintaining the relationship between core contributors, making them feel valuable, empowering them by educating and providing the needed resources; all are crucial in an open community.

Web Literacy and Advocacy 

Mozilla is already doing good work that improves public understanding of the Web and promote web literacy. But in our region most of the people don’t know how to read, write and participate on the Web. For them accessing the Internet is expensive. But I want to change that. I want to see myself transform this region by making it a place where everyone knows how to read, write and use the internet. I want to make my local people empowered and connected by using the power of the open Web. This is ultimately what we are aiming at the Mozilla UP. Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Webmaker club will be in action and would be working towards in achieving the set goals.

Contributing to other functional teams 

I admire two teams of Mozilla India based on the impact that they have been creating and values that bring to the community those are Policy and Advocacy team and Social Media team. These two teams are the role models of their respective functional scope, for the global Mozilla community. Being a non-coder volunteer, I believe I can learn and participate these two teams. I am sure it will help me as an individual and as a community leader.

 I am taking this opportunity to thank Diwanshi Pandey, my Reps Mentor for accepting me into the program and helping the Mozilla Uttar Pradesh community grow. 

Special thanks all the Mozilla Uttar Pradesh community members for all the support and love. 

Shahid Sir for helping me start the community.

Last but not the least the two most important people who showed faith in me  and encouraged me to apply for the Mozilla Reps program Vineel sir and Galaxy sir. Sincere thanks to both of them.





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