WoMoz Event in Uttar Pradesh


After the successful WoMoz meetup at Hyderabad in the month of September 2015, it was time for me to implement the learning from the meetup. I called all the women FSA’s and shared the plan for the very first WoMoz event in Uttar Pradesh. After all the brain storming we decided to help the underprevilidged girls. Sneh, who is also an active Madster arranged a space at one of the MAD shelter home. This was the first ever WoMoz event in Uttar Pradesh in association with MAD (Make A Difference) organization. The event took place on 4th of October 2015 at Leelavati Munshi Balgrah in Charbagh, Lucknow. The agenda of the event was to teach the underprevilidged kids about the basics of computer. This was a web literacy event where we gave hands on session on how to use a computer.


I started the session with a small Ice Breaker session wherein I asked the young girls to tell their names and what do they want to become. The ice-breaker helped the girls to be free with us and they were comfortable in sharing their dreams with us. It was really great to know what they aspire to become. Then we began to tell the kids about what is a computer and parts of computer. After explaining them I asked someone from the group to come and present whatever was taught to them in the session.

To my surprise the girl presented so well that we all were amazed. Thereafter, we divided all the 25 girls in groups of 5, and assigned one mentor in each group. The mentors were responsible to provide hands on session for MS Word, PowerPoint, and Paint. They were even made aware of the difference between Computer and Laptop. The Session took time because they were actually indulged in drawing on Paint. Meanwhile, we distributed swags to the kids.

After learning, it was time for some fun so we asked everyone to gather for the logo designing activity. The girls made logo of FSA, WoMoz, Firefox OS, Webmaker and Firefox Browser. Indeed, it was a mass participation and the output was incredible. IMG_20151004_225347_420

Two FSA’s Ankita and Jyotsna also participated in the logo designing along with them to keep them motivated. The girls were so happy and engaged with us that they requested us to visit again. It was indeed a heart touching moment for all of us.



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