MozUP Community Orientation Session

In support to Mozilla Geolocation Pilot v3.0 


MozUP Community Orientation Session was initiated to welcome the new FSA’s and contributors to the community. The main agenda of the session was to provide information and education to student about FOSS and Mozilla and help student to know more about the work of Mozilla and Mozilla Uttar Pradesh. We had another agenda point which was equally important is to have a GeoLocation Sprint, talk about the Mozilla Location Service, In support to Mozilla India’s event Stumbling in a Box INDIA contributing to Mozilla and open projects and introduction to stumbling tools that bring knowledge to participants on how to gather Geolocation information in their city.

It was 19th of September when we had the orientation session for the newbies. We started the Session with the activity ‘Memorize the Intro’ so as to get familiar with each other. This activity helped the newbies to get familiar with everyone. Noorul Ansari, a student of Amity University successfully completed this activity and was given the Mozilla Firefox Badge as an appreciation. Before I started the session I asked all the newbies to tell “What do they expect from the session?” After listening to their answers I was highly excited to enrich them with the knowledge they want from the session. Since, only me talking was not a great idea so I made this session more of a group discussion. I initiated the discussion and told them about FOSS, Mozilla and its mission.


Ashish started to talk about the contribution areas. He shared his experience with SUMO and AOA. Rajat shared his experience in Localisation and how much he is loves to localize in his own language whenever he gets time. After knowing the contribution areas the FSA’s were quite excited to contribute. Jyotsna spoke about Firefox OS and its App Development. She shared her experience her journey as a FSA and how her contribution helped her to bag a seat to Community Education – Women In Technology which happened this year in Hyderabad. We discussed about FSA Program in detail and asked the newbies who were not registered to get registered as an FSA. And yes how can we forget about WoMoz when we had new women contributors.


The session was very interactive and we all were excited to see the participation level of the newbies. I gave a brief introduction about Mozilla Location Service (MLS) and its tools available for different platforms to gather location information. Newbies  were told about the project and how can they contribute to this project. I gave a demo on how to use the stumbler and how it works. I asked all the newbies to start the contribution from today itself. In fact from the very same time by Stumbling across the city.

The newbies requested some features:

1.) Mozilla Stumbler for Windows phone

2.) Mozilla Stumbler for iOS phone

After enriching them with the knowledge. Now it was time for me to ask their feedback. All the newbies shared their experience and they all were very positive about the session and they all were looking forward to contribute.

Welcome all the NEW Contributors!

Ankita Tiwari
Naveen Kumar Umrao
Noorul Ansari
Priya Verma
Raj Abhishek
Sejal Seth
Shubhi Srivastava
Sneh Jain
Yash Mehra

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