In support to Mozilla Geolocation Pilot v3.0

Mozilla Stumbler: Introduction Session at the City of Nawabs (Lucknow, UP)


After the grand success of the first  and second experimental Pilot, the Mozilla Geolocation team ran another pilot in India Mozilla Geolocation Pilot v3.0. The event kicked off at 8:00PM IST on 1st  Sept, 2015. The event will run for 21days [3 week] and will end on 22st Sept, 2015 at 8:00PM IST. There were curators who were assigned to every region. I was the curator of my region. I felt responsible the moment I was assigned as a curator for my region and the only thought I had in my mind was to spread awareness to every corner of my region.


First I started with my own community(Mozilla Uttar Pradesh). I called for a community meetup with the FSA’s. The meetup was held on 11th September @ Fun Mall in Lucknow. This meetup was totally dedicated to the Mozilla Geolocation Pilot v3.0. The main agenda of this event was to bring maximum participation to the Mozilla Geolocation project. There was a brief introduction about Mozilla Location Service (MLS) and its tools available for different platforms to gather location information. FSA’s were told about the project and how can they contribute to this project. I gave a demo on how to use the stumbler and how it works. I also shared the two Links about MLS and how to use stumbler for their future reference.

1) What is MLS?. A. Mozilla Location Service (MLS) is an open service which lets devices determine their location based on network infrastructure like WiFi access points and cell towers.

2) How to use MozStumbler?. A. Please Visit this guide to setup the MozStumbler application. Guide –


All the FSA’s were quite excited to contribute to this project. Soon, after knowing about Mozilla Location services they started downloading Mozilla Stumbler and started to explore the app the way it was told. After the introduction session and the demo session I told them to Register themselves as a Geolocation scout.


Once the registration was completed. There were few doubts which were addressed in the session and the queries were resolved.To further appreciate the top contributors, i told them about the surprise gifts.

  • Topper
  • Runner-up
  • 2 runner-ups
  • Most New cells
  • Most New Wifi Networks

Now it was time for them to start stumbling.This was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to bring maximum contribution as a community. We had 10 registrations on the day. We left with a promise to contribute as much as possible and to take our community to the next level.

Thank you to all the scouts!!!


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