Maker Party @ Kanpur – Event Report

Maker Party(Teach the web) – Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

School Name: Guru Har Rai Academy

Date: 28th July Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Brief Summary: The first part of the workshop was a talk about Web Literacy, FOSS, Mozilla and our mission and products.  Second part of the session was on Webmaker, Webmaker tools and Hands-on session on X-ray goggles and Appmaker. Total strength of 100 students and result of the event was there were 45-50 makes by the students.

-= Audience and size =-

I was told there were close to 350 students who had signed up for the event, consisting of mostly computer students. Overall, they seemed to have good knowledge in computer science as a subject and were interested in knowing about open source and building things for the web. Due to the demise of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam the school was closed. Since the students were so interested to learn that we agreed to do the Maker Party on the same day it was decided. There were approximately 100 students who came in spite of being an off on that day.

-= Our participation =-

Among the 3 presentations, we gave one presentation each. I was first out talking about Web Literacy, FOSS, Introduction to Mozilla, Mozilla Products, Intro to Webmaker tools. Priyank then spoke about Appmaker and how can you make your own App without any technical knowledge. After I and Priyank, Ashish started with another webmaker tool X-Ray Goggles and how you can remix the website using X-Ray Goggles.

-= Audience reactions =-

My goal was mainly to make people aware about Web Literacy, Mozilla, Mozilla’s mission and Webmaker tools and get them interested in learning more. From the feedback what we receive, it seems like it went Awesome. I hope it made them realize how they can  utilize their already existing skills to build Web Apps.

After seeing the makes by the students we all were Amazed. It was such a lovely response from them. They were not getting from their seats since they wanted to make more.


-= After event =-

After the maker party I kept the session with the teachers where I spoke about Webmaker Club and asked them to start one Webmaker school club so that the zeal of the students remain as it is and they learn more and more. Since, it was not possible to cover everything in 4-5hrs. And guess what the school authority agreed.


-= Organization =-

To my knowledge, this was the first ever maker party at Kanpur, and I think it all worked well. Everything was in place, and we just showed up and did what we are supposed to do.

-= Overall feel =-

Excellent! I have got infinite facebook pings from the students demanding more such Mozilla sessions in school soon! It was a great feeling to see their enthusiasm. You feel good about your work only when you achieve your result, but in this case, the achievement was way more than I had expected.


Event Blog:

Event Blog:


Etherpads: [1] (makes)

[2],                                                           [3]

Event Link:


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