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The idea for this short meetup was to get started with the Mozilla Lucknow community and to plan future activities and events. Basically, this was an orientation session for all the Mozillians in Lucknow. The Event was self-sponsored and it took place on 25th May at CCD, SRS Mall, Gomtinagar, Lucknow. The main agenda of this event was to plan upcoming events like Maker Party and Kidzilla and to promote Mozilla’s mission.



As per the planning, I, being the initiator did gather at CCD by 04:30 PM. The event was scheduled to begin at 04:30 PM. We began with the event an hour late since, there were few of the students were out of town. Our discussion were basically around Development, Localization, Bugzilla, SUMO,Webmaker and Firefox OS.

Here are the list of FSA’s who where present for MozCafe:

1. Vnisha (Volunteer/Initiator)
2. Jyotsna (FSA, BBD University)
3. Parvez (FSA, BBD University)
4. Rajat (FSA, BBD University)
5. Abhishek (FSA, Amity University)
6 Ravindra (FSA, Amity University)
7 Ashish (FSA, Amity University)
8 Priyank (FSA, Integral University)

Event started by introducing ourselves to Shahid Ali Farooqui. He had a virtual presence over phone. He interacted with all the participants and guided for roadmap of the community for the next three months. Since, the majority of the crowd were the new members of the community we started from the #Mozilla Mission and #Mozilla’s Products. We had many new FSA’s so we started to discuss about the Firefox Student Ambassador Program and the roles and responsibilities of a FSA. I explained about the Mozilla Projects which might interest the new FSAs such as the Army of Awesome, SuMo, Webmaker. I familiarised the FSA’s with the and asked anyone who’s interested in Localisation(SuMo) to register in it and start off.


After Sumo we went to the Webmaker, and discussed about the Thimble, Popcorn, Appmaker and X-Ray Goggles. Ashish spoke about appmaker and how can we use appmaker and develop an app. Jyotsna shared how is it easy to use thimble and Popcorn maker. As a community we decided to have our first event as Kidzilla in the month of July. Abhishek, Parvez and Rajat gave a short explanation on KidZilla. KidZilla is an initiative which aims at educating school children about the basics of Computers, internet and other similar stuff in a fun and interactive manner. This is also mainly concentrated on small schools with lesser facilities. Ravindra took the charge of creating a website for #MozUP. Priyank shared a responsibility to maintain the Moz wiki page for Uttar Pradesh. We also planned to do the #Maker Party in the Month of August.

By the end of the day, everyone had learnt their share of knowledge and ofcourse had shared whatever they knew with the rest and we closed the event by declaring an online training on Localization which would be arranged by Shahid Ali Farooqui who is also mentoring me in developing the Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Community.


Special Thanks to all of you for supporting us in our first event.

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One thought on “MozCafe@Lucknow

  1. pleasure.. to be a part of the community.. 🙂 This is very nice to work with all fellow mozillians.
    We’l bring the innovations in later stages… stay tuned.! 😉


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